Sunday, September 1, 2013

My latest work.

This first mandala I made a week ago, using colors I normally don't use. Many many times I was tempted to give it up because I didn't like it/the colors. Now, I'm glad I didn't, I like it even if it's not my prefered colors. I also added some text to it and think it works well.

This next one is more like me, colorwise. This mandala is made without any use of micronpens or other pens. I sketched it using a pencil, that's all. I have to practice shading, it's not that easy without my favorite grey marker. Right now I'm making another one  similar to this, but with a bit different colors and a new colormix idea for the background. 

I added this photo just to show you  I used twinks in addition at this one. I so much like this photo, it has a different angel and the colors are so beautiful. I didn't like the senter design,so I did an experiment. I cut out the circle and replaced it with something else.

New center and the background color in place. I really like how it loosen up a bit in the outer edge, and I do like it even if I skipped all the penwork. This photo shows a bit brighter colors than in person.
I have some beautiful handmade papers which I'll probably use to make a mandala on. I just have to choose the right design and colors to that one.
It's so cold today I feel for getting a fire going in the stove, but that would be a bit too early.
Enjoy your day.


  1. These are all beautiful. You do such good detailed work.

    Today it's very hot and humid, about 95ºF so a fire is not in my future although I'd love for it to be cool enough for one.

  2. I love your mandals so beautiful and such time to do it. Its hot here for the whole week so no fire needed here