Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making teddy bears.

Time to start bloging again. I've had a long and busy summer and have not payed my blog any attention for a long time now.
I've been doing different forms of crafting and my latest project is making my own teddy bears. The first one is ready and during making it I learned a lot of things. Now I'm making another one. It's very cool to make them and fun to make some clothes for them too. This next one will be totally hand sewn and I can't wait to see him/her.
My first one turned out to be miss. Hamre and she is a cute little girl.
I am thinking of making her a suitcase and fill it with clothes. ( not sure though)
Several days later I've finished off the next one and see that I have to change the pattern a bit. This one is 50% bigger than the first one and there is something to change I can see. I'll show you some pictures.
The white is the smallest one and the very first I made.

This is Miss Hamre.

This is the second one and he has no name yet.

Both of them together to show you the size differens. Miss Hamre is 20 centimeters high and the other one is 30.

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