Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michi and the bank robbery. no.21

Michi was right. Some days later we had the very first bank robbery in our county.
Officer Darkland really had taken Michis information seriously and was prepared to his fingertips.

Michi went back to the bank two days later to catch some more information, and she got what officer Darkland needed to be well prepared.
Michi heard them plan the whole thing and how many people who was involved, so the police had good chances.

On the actual day officer Darkland had all his officers occupied. Some of them in the bank and others outside. I'm certain he organiced it all as his duty demands.

Nevertheless it all ended up as a big disaster.
It wasn't "my" bank that was robbed, but a bank a couple of blocks away. The whole police force was concentrating at the wrong bank.
The robbers successfully left with an outcome very close to 20 million NKR and didn't even hear of the police.

Officer Darkland, my goodness, reacted like a child. He came right to our door claiming that Michi was doing it on purpose, just to make him look like a fool.
The two of them had a real quarrel and their relationship got even worse. Michi was really upset because of the failure but she had not heard them mention any specific bank and she assumed that "my" bank was the one to be robbed.

Our local paper did slaughter the whole police force in big letters, and officer Darkland wasn't exactly touched by silk gloves.
What I didn't like was that the journalist did question the whole operation, what information did the police have and from where did they get it.
The next days will show whether officer Darkland keeps his tounge or not. I hope he will.

The police had guards at every road that lead out of the city and nobody had observed anything special, so the robbers are still out there and there have been no sight of them.

Michi says that she will find the money but I doubt it. I'm sure the money are out of the country already, besides it's not her job to find the money. Lets wait and see what the next days brings.


  1. he he dette er eg klar for :-)

  2. Well stranger, I'm not sure I'm as ready as you are. But the next one is more or less ready for publishing. Just some small adjustments remaining. Thanks for commenting it means a lot to me.