Sunday, April 9, 2017

One year without posting.

Where did the time fly?

I've had a busy year and my life is good. My studio has been closed all winter, I've been playing with yarn and hook/needles, but now I couldn't resist any more. Studio is open and I deep into the paint. It feels so good and as always when I start the ideas keep coming faster than I can grab them.

From time to time I have several magpies in the garden and the other day we had lovely sunny weather and the magpies really showed them self off.

At first glance one can easily think they're just black and white, but they actually have the most beautiful colors hidden in the feathers. The magpies was what got me started, and since then I have not stopped.

Twinks, neocolors and watercolor pencils. Black and white ink.

I hope you have a gorgeous sunday.


  1. a wonderful looking magpie Laila! Happy creating, and happy PPF too!

  2. Wonderful magpie painting. They truly are beautiful. It seems most black colored birds have deep blues and purples in their feathers.

  3. Fantastic Magpie painting Laila! I love crows and other raptors with black feathers. In the sunlight they become dark rainbows.
    Enjoy being back at the studio :)

  4. Oh you have been missed my dear! Glad to see you back...always LOVE your art!! Gorgeous piece!! Hope to see more of you....even if it's your hook and needle work! It's all creativity!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. The magpie is perfect! Great art. I commented on the bike, not realizing that the post was a year old! Oh well, I hope you are still enjoying it.

  6. I missed you and your lovely art! It's good to know everything is okay with you. Your magpies are wonderful. We used to have a lot of them where we lived before but not so many now.

  7. Black and white has a special attraction. Nice to see you back!