Saturday, November 1, 2014

YAY.......playing with my Twinks again.

Class is over and I finally had time to play with my Twinks again.

Oh how I love these little pots with the most beautiful paint in them. Have a look at the photo below, aren't they just beautiful?

In the end of summer I also found a perfect storage for my colors. I like to leave them with the lids off, and to avoid dust and other stuff to mix in them, this was perfect for me.
It's 4 small drawers put together to one, 12 individual drawers and 15 small pots of Twinks in each drawer. They're kind of airy too, so when my pots are wet, I can still leave then in the drawers without any danger of molds etc.

I was so eager to start using my Twinks that I did a very quick sketch, Not especially good composition, but the important thing were to paint. I felt it in my entire body, oh I do not want to do anything but paint.

I carefully suggested to handyman to hire a housekeeper so that I could paint and nothing else. His instant answer is what makes me like him so much. He said, do you want me to call for an ambulance? Meaning, are you crazy. I'm still laughing.

It's a real pleasure to feel that I still know how to use my Twinks, I had some moments where I thought I had forgotten all of it. I used a pen and nib to add som gold ink around my flowers, and the gold really adds to the piece, but not the way I did it. I've made another one later on, and that one is much better, I chose to add the gold lines inside the outer edges, and that is really nice.

It was even more fun to use the Twinks again than I had hoped for, so I'm planning a larger piece. This one is done in a sketchbook sized A-5.

Be creative and have lots of fun!


  1. Laila, I think your composition is lovely and the dark blue background a splendid! I also like the gold pen outline. I enjoyed getting to see more of your work in the watercolor pencil class. You're quite talented! I do miss playing with my Twinks, too, I hope to get back to them when I finally finish the pencil class. It may take me a couple of months:) See you around!

  2. I like your storage idea for the twinkles and your work is awesome. Great job Laila.

  3. oh...I hope that box of 'twinks' is insured!!! wow,,,what a collection. I guess I should photograph my little box and blog it so you can laugh:):)

  4. I LOVE the tulip painting, so gorgeous!