Friday, November 7, 2014

Playing with backgrounds

Backgrounds can be challenging.

So, I've desided to play a little to try different ways of doing them, even try some I've never done before.
A black matte background to a shiny subject is very dramatic, but in some cases it makes the subject really pop out. I'm not sure I will do them often though. It may be a bit too hard,

All of my paintingd here are done using Twinks, and the backgrounds are something else. I've just about started to experiment, and have several more ideas on how to do things. Below I used a script stamp first and then painted on top of it.

I added some yellow to the dark grey color, and am pretty happy with the result.

Another one with script. I did this one slightly different. Added some gold to the matte medium before the stamping. Not sure I like this one too good, the gold turned out yellow and the surface seems a little too busy.

It does have a worn feel to it, and that was what I was trying to achieve.

This next one I tried to make a texture using gesso and then stamping in a pattern of broken egg shells, but it didn't work out. I'll have to figure out a better way of doing it.

All of these experiments are done in my A-5 Fabriano, Venezia book.

This last one were fun doing. I used my pallet knife to add gesso and then paint on top. It looks like a real oil painting.

It's fun to experiment a little from time to time.


  1. Fascinating to read about your background experiments. I especially like the third photo with the script, very effective.

  2. loved that you told us about the backgrounds, your flowers just pop and are beautiful

  3. Laila - beautiful work, as always - thanks for sharing your experiments with us. Miss you in class!

  4. Backgrounds are fun to experiment with. I love the bright pop of color on the black background. It really caught my eye.

  5. I love all your experiments and suggestions! Beautiful pieces they do pop against a dark background.

  6. These are so effective. I love how each flower looks different with the change of background.

  7. Wonderful, these are all so very beautiful...gorgeous work!