Sunday, April 20, 2014

Making a difference.

I was so thrilled to get the message

that I am one of the winners in Dion's giveaway on Friday, that I sat down to play and this mandala happened.
My son had been giving me a new compass, one he not longer uses, and thought I would like to have it. This is a small compass, and while sitting there to play, I were fiddling with this compass, and before I knew, the outlines for this mandala were made.

I felt sure this one was meant for Dion, but something strange happened. Nothing seemed to suite as I would like it to be. This mandala took it's own ways. I had to leave it over night, because I couldn't make it work. I let it sit on my shelf to be able to watch it each time I passed it. That's how I do it, when things won't cooperate. Almost let them speak to me from the shelf. This was when still in drawing stage.

Saturday around noon, I sat down to continue my work on this one. I was listening to the radio, and they were talking of how to make a difference. That's how I come to realize that this mandala is meant for 

Luminarte, represented by Leslie Ohnstad.

One doesn't have to be a rocket cientist to understand that Leslie Ohnstad might have some hard times right now. To have a company split will always bring some sort of trouble.
I am worried for the future of the Twinks, and want to say to Leslie : Leslie, I count on you to continue the work with all these lovely colors, maybe even launch new sparkling ones. In your turn you can count on me to continue my use and love for your products. Personally I have promised myself to introduce the Twinks for at least two new persons coming month, and hope to place an order for these new people.

Fellow Twinks lovers, I won't ask you to do the same but think of it. What a huge difference that could make for Leslie and her company, and at the same time it would secure the future for the colors we love.

Lets make a difference and show Leslie that we really appreciate her work. I'm asking you, who love the Twinks, to leave a comment telling Leslie you're part of the security net that surrounds her and her work.

I'm going to share this post on our FB page, please, don't just hit the like button. Make the effort to write something of your own as a comment. It could be like : I'm part of the network too, or You can count on me too. It won't cost much for each one of us, just the time spent on writing the comment, but could mean a whole lot for her.
Please everyone, join me and help making a difference.

Leslie, this mandala is yours if you want to have it. E-mail me your mail addrss, and I'll mail it to you.

Thank you everyone for supporting this little effort to make a difference, your comments will ensure Leslie that it's worth fighting for.


  1. What a lovely way to pay it forward. I have two orders of twinks this month. I hope things work out for Leslie.

  2. I am addicted to Twinks and Silks. I have an order and bought from a local store this month. I will certainly be buying more until I have the whole set!

  3. Thank you Leslie for your work. I love your products. I hope to place anything large order this next month, to complete my set.

  4. I am going to to more and buy some to try them out your passion for this is inspiring

  5. Your mandala is wonderful. I am and always will be a user and supporter of Twinks and Silks.

  6. Laila,
    your Manda is breathtaking I would be honored to use it to focus positive energy.
    I am at a loss for words and in tears reading this post...
    Forever grateful Leslie Ohnstad