Monday, July 6, 2015

A bit too ambitious,

I said I was going to start sketching city scapes,

well more correctly I meant street views. So, I had this photo from a street I wanted to try. Very soon I saw it was too ambitious to start with.

The buildings had too many details, and to finish it the buildings would be too small to add all. I just did the first two, and put down some colors to it. Even though I didn't mix any colors, it's quite amazing to see the changes in a sketch when it's colored.

I started over and sketched our garden house, more familiar and easier done. I did this same sketch a year ago, and it's so much better now. I still need to practice trees and hedges, but it's kind of a  promising result.

Uplifted by this result I sketched our house as well. It's wonky and many details not quite correctly done, but I painted it and it's good enough for a start. As you probably know, we have several buildings on our property, so I have many opportunities to practice.

When I look at this sketch now, I see I've told just half the story. We do have neighbours, and in a new one I'll add more of the surroundings too.

One of the warm and sunny days we just had, I actually sat outside and sketched the entrance in more detail. Wonky as well, but I can feel this will become something I'll love to do.

I'm not showing these to tell you all how good they are, it's more to show that it's possible even if the result isn't all that good. One has to start one place, and this is where I start. Now I can only hope to improve, perhaps in a year I will have a better grip on it.
That's all for now, have a fab week all.


  1. The first building is amazing and I mean it also like your other house shots

  2. I love all of your houses and I also love it how you did the roof tiles and all the little details. I think it's such a pleasure to sit in front of the lovely gardenhouse and relax.

  3. I like your architectural illustrations very much, tried to choose a favourite, maybe the second or third? - hard to choose. Nice the way you have painted with the delicate colours.

  4. I like all fact the first one really caught my eye. You mentioned it was going to be too detailed but I like it just as it is. Also your house and your garden house look beautiful.

  5. They are all beautiful, but I especially like the first one.

    Sketching City scapes is really hard to do.