Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I've been doing the last months.

I'm sorry for being absent for so long,

 but so much has happened that I couldn't find time to blog.
I have been driving my mother to and from doctors, hospital and fysio ever since she came home in December. She is doing good but still have some issues to work out. Lately she felt weaker again, and I saw it when she were walking. New workouts have been started and I hope that helps.

In February my sons girlfriend moved in next door (my sons house) and brought her two lovely sons with her. They are aged 5 and 2 and are such charming boys. So when I'm not driving my mother, I spend alot of time with the new family, showing them our neighbourhood and try to get to know them properly. Due to all this, I haven't been able to find enough peace to start any painting or art making at all. To compensate, I have been knitting and " hooking" so a bit creativeness has been going on in between it all. The cardigan below were made for Lucas, the two year old, and it fits perfectly. He is so cute wearing it.

The green sweather is for Tobias, the oldest one. I have not seen it on him, but he said it suited well.

The blue one is for handyman, and I still need to finish the neck. I have never been knitting with several colors before, so it was kind of slow going. But, I'm very happy I finally managed to do it. I can't count all the times I've tried without success.

My latest painting is from the start of February, and some of you might have seen it published on my Facebook page. I were trying to paint the depht in a bunch of flowers (tulips) just like we see it in real time. I'm happy with my result.

Right now I'm working to finish a plaid I'm hooking, and then it's time for painting again.

June 1st The Summer of Color-5 (SOC) starts again, and I can't wait for it to start. It was so much fun last year, and it's kind of slow. One week to create a piece of art due to the given colors. It's free and open for all who wants to participate. Come on, join in you too! You'll find a link in the button to the left, click it and read what it's all about.

These were my creations last year.

Thats all for now, and I love being a bonus grandma.

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