Thursday, May 29, 2014

The process

I had this wonderful day yesterday.

I was experimenting and ended up creating a beautiful piece of art. It all started out with a thought, what if.....
and I had to try it.

I drew my subject, and masked out all the lines. For me it was important to keep the lines slim and as even as possible. Next time I might vary the lines as I saw that can be beautiful too. I picked my colors, Twinkling H20's and some flat Senellier watercolors. I had nothing planned, so I just followed my intuition while doing the background.

Masked and ready for paint

Let me tell you something, almost always when I'm creating something (when painting) I end up rescuing instead of creating. I always feel I'm about to ruin my piece and have to take serious steps to save it. Anyone else that feel the same way?
With this specific piece it was the background that came out so very wrong. I was thinking to use negative painting as my technique for the background, but decided not to use my pencil to outline the leaves as I went on. That was a mistake. Flat watercolors and freehanding the leaves, I'm just not that good yet.


As you see above, most of the leaves looks weird and I were close to give it all up. But in a strange way while painting the flowers, my brain worked on its own and came up with some ideas. With acrylics, I reworked the background. I kept the leaves I liked and painted over the weird ones.

It's always so exciting to remove the mask to see how and if it becomes as I had envisioned, and this became even better. The upper leaves is greener than my photo shows, I don't know why they turned out so pale.
I simply love my end result, and this piece has to be framed.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. You're like me Laila. You worry too much. :) It turned out fine and so pretty.

  2. it's beautiful! LOVE the colors! What did you use to mask the lines??