Friday, December 6, 2013

Busy days.

I've had alot to catch up after finishing class.

It seems Christmas always comes a month too soon each year. This year my mother returns from Spain and she'll spend Christmas eve with us. I've finally washed the house and everything is ready to start decorating. I have not baught any gifts yet, but I've done all the thinking, so it should be pretty easy to catch up on that too.
Last couple of days we've had a huge storm going, and I heard in the news today several houses had lost their roofs. We've been lucky, this storm came from north west and we don't feel it too much because of a hill. Would have been much worse for us if it came from east.

I made this girl as I tried to draw and paint leaves. I'm happy with the result and it was a good idea to make the background only within the design. I'm not good at backgrounds, and felt this was a great way of doing it. I'm sure I'll do more of this, it's so fun doing them.
Today will be a relaxing day for me, we had some friends over yesterday and I cooked so much onion soup that today will be leftovers.
Enjoy your day too.

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  1. I love onion soup, I make it quite often in my slow cooker, what a great idea that beautiful design of yours is,