Friday, December 9, 2011

Nearly done!

Just a little post to say hello.

I'm still here, and today I'll pop in and say hello. I'm one day ahead of my flow sheet and proud. Yesterday I finally cleaned up my sewing studio and felt like loosing 10 kg's. Today I'm doing my tiny new studio and then it's just small things remaining.
Coming weekend I'll probably decorate for Christmas, and coming week I have some baking to do. After that I shall enjoy wrapping presents and handmake the tags. I'm nearly done with the handmade gifts too, so this season is a good one.
Below you see mine and Sandras sewingspace. I'm standing in the dooropening.

Next one is better to see the space.

And this is what's behind my back when ssewing. I own far too much and have decided to give away some of it. My nieces need something to practice on, so I hope they will come and take away something.

Next picture shows the tiny room with my cutting table, as you see it's loaded and I promise it's very tidy now.

Here you see the angles of the room.

And a small window.

That's all for today, I'm off for some more job.
Have a nice weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.


  1. Love seeing your art rooms and all the beautiful wood on the walls. I don't blame you for making most of your own Christmas presents, so much more satisfying as each present as so much love to them. Your such a beautiful person :) I think maybe in the next coming year, we could do some kind of art swop. Rather than feel we have to save up while paying for bills as well. What do you think? Please remind me also as I have a forgetful mind. :) Julie

  2. I like your little sewing space, it looks very nice and cozy. I need to do some reorganizing in mine too. It is hard to keep these creative areas clean. Somehow, they have a way of getting out of control.