Friday, September 23, 2011

# 200. Yaaay!!

I'm sooooo exited today, this is my post # 200, and I'm going to celebrate that by holding a GIVEAWAY.

Anyone who remember my Strategic Planner and the post I wrote about it? Well, I'm going to give away that planner. I assume that most of you know how it's done but for those who don't, this is how it works: Leave me a comment on this post and you will be part of the giveaway.
I want to add that I could need more followers so if anyone can feel my prayers.........................but a comment is all it takes.

When I first started bloging I would never have thought that I should be able to write this many posts, but then again what did I expect? I really don't know!

You remember the little angle at the back cover, she is a visual example of strategic planning. Her goal is to get a bigger overview, her strategy is to fly and her tactics are to use her wings and the balloon. The size of the book is very close to A-5 and the number of pages is 12.

Inside the front cover there is a pocket containing calendar sheets for 54 weeks. All the paper used inside the book are writing/crafting paper.

In the middle of the book there is another pocket for cards, extra papers or whatever you want. As you see in the photo below I used linen yarn to bind the book with a simple knot, that way it will be easy to add more pages. You simply cut the thread add your pages and bind it again.

Inside the back cover there is the pocket holding your planning cards. (4 cards) I didn't decorate the inside of the book too much so you can do it yourself.

I really, REALLY hope many of you will take part, and I would be so greatful if you would help spread the word.
The giveaway will be closed Monday Sep.26th at 00.00 hours. ( Norwegian time) The winner will be announced on Tuesday Sep.27th.
I'll ask my husband to pick a number, but he won't know before it's time to pick.


  1. 200 posts - wow - congratulations - I hope I make that many. Your posts are always so sweet and filled with many varied creative things. I think that if we ever meet that we would have a lot to talk about.

  2. Congratulations on reaching 200 posts! You should be proud of yourself.

    Your planner is wonderful and I'm sure we would all love to win it. Everything you make is always so creative and so beautiful.

  3. Gratla, du er en ekte blogger. Spennende å følge med og jaaaaa jeg vil gjerne har den strategiske planleggeren.

  4. Congratulations on your 200th blog post. I enjoyed reading your blog very much:)

  5. Gratulerer Moster Laila... ! :) Jeg vil seff ha den planleggeren :D

  6. Nydelig bok<3
    Du e såååå flink til å lage te boker, det gjels en teknik til det der.