Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unfortunate love.

Good morning.

Today I'm going to show you a very cool project I finished yesterday. It is the one I spoke about in my former post.
First of all I want to say that I saw this on a blog which I didn't register the name on, so if anyone of my readers have seen that blog and know the adress I would love to get it. Normally I like to give credit to the person that shows me something the first time, but this time I can't.
In the post I saw she was making a slim flowery pattern. I hope someone know the blog and let me know the adress.

My project is not the most suitable for this tecnique. My pattern (owl) is far too big so I almost ruined the middle page. The whole project involves 2 spreads in my journal. (3 sheets) What I did was this: I drew an owl like I would have it and cut it out. Placed it on the middle sheet to see if it was OK. Then I chose to glue papers on each side of that sheet, just to keep it solid and strong enough. I transfered my owl onto the page and cut it out.
The first photo shows the outlines of my owl. As you can see there is a very week point, so for safety I used some tape to strengthen it.

Next thing to do is to draw the owl on each side through the hole in the middle page. It's important to get them to fit exactly otherwise it's just rubbish. And then the fun starts. Since my owl is that big I did not have any space to differ the pages. That's why I chose to use different papers, just to make each spread look different but the owls are the same though. I hope this made sense. Look at the photos perhaps it's easier to understand it that way.

Now that I can see the result in my journal it looks a bit impressive, and it's exciting too. This tecnique can be used in many ways and the lady with the unknown blogname had cut out her shape in three following pages. That way she had the opportunety to test out her pattern in several different ways.

The text on the photo below says: Morning Miss, would you care to go for a walk in the Park? She replys, No thanks, I'd rather stay here to read this book.

I'm sorry for the quality of the photos.

Have a splended weekend everyone.


  1. Kule de var. Morsomt med vingene som peker vei:)

  2. I like the way you did these pages with the cut-out. I think I saw a video on YouTube where a woman did a technique like this. Maybe that's where you saw it.