Friday, September 2, 2011

My fairyland.

Good morning everyone.

This was a fun page to make.

The owls came so quick that I had no time to think. The landscape and surroundings did too. Some days are just magic.

I call this my fairyland because I feel it contains a lot of different storys. The house could be a school and the flying owl the teacher who is calling for the students.
When this page was done, it gave me the idea for the next one, or reminded me of something I had been thinking of doing. I started it last evening, but it wasn't a good idea.
Well, the idea was good but the way I chose to resolve it wasn't. I'll show you later on.
Clare asked me what it is about owls that capture our imagination. Not easy to give an answer to that question but for me it's a nice bird with a simple shape and no hard details to draw. In general the owls are thought of as wise birds and in fairytales they often hold a central possition, are surrounded by mysticism
and very often the owls are messengers. Remember Harry Potter and the "owl mail"?
I've always been attracted to fairytales and I have, during my adult years, collected all the well known collections of fairytales.
There are a lot knowlege hidden in every fairytale if one are digging a bit.

Clare suggested to me that I might know a bit more after 14 days experiment with owls. Yes, she could be right. At least I've had 14 fun days.

Do you have a favorite fairytale, and if so which one?

Wish you all a wonderful day.

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  1. Owls! What a great idea to do an owl each day. Yours are so cute. I love their big eyes.

    When I was a kid I liked reading fairy tales but I can't recall what my favorites were. I guess it was too long ago!