Friday, May 9, 2014

All week about nature.

All my work this week has been related to nature.

We kept on weeding last weekend, and luckily we're almost finished. Just one more flowerbed remains, but the rain came and now it has to dry up a bit.

All year around we have magpies in our garden. I think they are bautiful birds dressed in white tie and tails. They always seems so happy except when they're arguing.
This week we've had four or five of them in the garden and they got me thinking of my paternal grandma. She was born in 1891, and she didn't like the magpies at all. It was something old I believe, about the magpies came just for stealing.

The funniest thing she said  though, was that if one had magpies in the garden and they became noisy, one would have visitors to the home before the day ended. My grandma had lots of storys to tell, she died in 1995, 104 years old.

I made some other birds as well this week. I saw the idea over at  Stefanie's blog and couldn't resist making some.

Cool and happy birds, lovely for decorating and lots of other stuff. I might be back with some ideas later on.

I also tried my hand on making a landscape, using pan pastels. It isn't the worst I've made, but I need alot of practice to be good at it.

It's made on black paper, and I had to add more light to it in picasa. Well, that's about it.

Happy Friday Sketches and PPF everyone, and thank you for all your lovely comments. It's a thrill to read them all.


  1. Love the birds, the painted one and the paper ones, just beautiful. Lovely colours, too. Valerie

  2. You have had a busy art week, I love it! The paper birds are amazing!

  3. So beautiful..your magpie is gorgeous and bewildering, very powerful! Wow, 104 is a wonderful age..fantastic! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful creations and artwork..I enjoyed my visit!

  4. Oh wow, those paper birds are just so pretty! Neat idea :)
    For sure i love the magpie you sketched... I think they're wonderful birds - i love to observe them too. We have quite a few here in our neighborhood (in Sweden)
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Jana #42

  5. Oh those pan pastels are gorgeous!! Love the birds too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I like your drawing of the magpie, a beautiful bird, but a danger to little birds, so maybe your grandmother was right.
    Your colourful birds are terrific, they would look good sitting on a shelf.
    And I actually like your landscape very much, I love that purple horizon line.

  7. Love your paper birds! We have Magpies here and they can be mean. When they see that there is food in the dogs plate outside, they come down and steal it. I've watched 2 or 3 of them fighting over it.

  8. Beautiful birds....magpies are such fascinating creatures. I don't have them in my garden so you are lucky to have these chattering smartly dressed birds in your vicinity. Happy PPF

  9. Laila, your birds are beautiful and your landscape pastel is excellent...I love them all. Hugs xx

  10. Beautiful and inspiring creativity. Thank you for sharing

  11. Beautiful birds, both the magpie and the colorful mandala birds!
    Happy PPF

  12. excellent painting and I love your mandala birds

  13. Oh the mandala birds came out wonderful!!!! They look really so lovely. I love them! Thank you very much for linking your birds to my blog. And I love your magpies too. I also wanted to paint them because they look beautiful in autumn sitting in the trees between the bright yellow autumn leaves. I often have this scene in mind. Have a nice weekend!

  14. Ohhh I love your magpies and your grandma's story. My Nan also passed at 104 years. She was my inspiration in life and art.
    I like you land scape. It's a great start.

  15. Very lovely art work Laila. Nice story about your grandma , always interesting to hear old folks tales. I adore your landscape it's gorgeous!

    Annabelle : )

  16. wow longevity runs in your family I hope. Loving all the birds, anything with birds is my favourite except magpies, I am like your granny. How about a tut on how to make those beautiful mandala birds

  17. these mandala-birds are fantastic! So bright and happy. I love magpies, they always look so dignified to me. I think your landscape came out beautifully ....

  18. Super flot landskab - og fuglene er bare så søde..
    Kan rigtig godt lide, at du laver så mange forskellige ting. Her er altid noget at kigge på :)

  19. I love your magpie and the way you laid it out over the spread of the paper -- it has a lot of uplift, captures how birds make us feel. And the decorative birds are charming. I want to make some too. Your landscape is lovely, too.