Monday, September 5, 2011

Two more owls.


Todays owls are different ones. The first one was made of a paper I'd paint earlier on. I was trying a tecnique to achieve a desing by using a creditcard and paint on top of something patterned. As you see it worked and since then I've looked for patterned surfaces all over the house. Next thing to try is tissue paper.

The owl looks a bit raw or something. Not like what I usually do. Even so I'm pleased. I've chosen to show you two photos today. The first one is how it really looks like. The second one is how I like them, without the extra light. The colours differ quite much but I like it better with that "warmth" in it. Reality is too hard. He, he.

The second owl, was made while we had a warm and "foggy" day without any sunlight. It reminded me on coming season and that's why I chose to colourwash with black at the end. The white colour you see is in fact a shiny silver one.
Not much colours used in this one but I think it works.

Have a nice day, and enjoy your oval weekend to every American.


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  2. Herlige og forfjamset uglen på greinen. Likte også den siste best, men tenker det er litt for mørkt forhold til originalen. Sliter også litt med farvene nå, de blir liksom så blasse.