Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is a fact.

The fall has shown up. A lot of wind and rain and the daylight appears at shorter terms every day. I don't like it but in some way it's a bit cosy too. The nature shows off all its beautiful colours and that is really a nice sight.

I'm still working with the final touch at my friends handbag. She prefered to use her own bag so that left me a nut to crack. (and that's what I really like.)
Today I finally got hold of stencil-film so now I'm going to make my own stencils. I never find what I want when I look for it so to make my own seem to be a good way. It remains to see if I actually can do it.

Todays journalpage shows something you've seen before. It's the cutout from my owls.

I snapped a photo of this and sent it on facebook to a friend. I did that a year ago too but then I used a dove holding a letter with my written message on. That's a bit more personal than just a facebook message.

That's all, take care and thanks for visiting.

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