Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a beautyful day

This is an image from Mallorca taken a year ago.

What a beautyful day we've had today. Sunshine the whole day long, and kind of taste of summer.We have done a little kleaning in the garden,and in our backyard.
The outdoor furnitures are in place and we kinda started summer this weekend.
It's so lovely hearing all the different little birds singing,a bumblebee or two who are looking around and the season slowly coming to our minds.
I believe we are living at the most beautiful place in the world, he,he not exactly an objectiv point of view - but still.
Our conservatory (lysthuset) needs a real clean up, and our kitchen garden have to be clared for this years crop. So there are busy times to come, but oh so good too. Potatoes, carrots, strawberries, peas,and several other vegetables, I'm really looking forward to start all this. Hopefully I'm well enough to participate. 3 weeks ago I went through a surgery in my right shoulder and at the moment I'm not allowed to do much - but I'm feeling well though.
We have 6 apple trees in our garden and a very special tree, a walnut tree that is quite rare so far north as Norway. Some years it has a lot of fruits other years almost nothing.
It's late sunday evening and I have to close up for today, so a good night to all of you in blogland.

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