Thursday, April 8, 2010

My very first freeform project.

This handbag was my very first freeform project. As you can see I've used a lot of colours and they all were in my "to use" basket. In this project my aim was to see if I could really do it, and yes, I believe I could.
I did not use a bag pattern to get the two sides alike and that shows off a bit, so the next time i will.
I am very satisfied with the result, and my friends calls it a designer bag. I could sell it for a lot of money, they tell me, but that's out of the question.
It is not the last time I create in freeform, but just now I'm trying to create my own blog.
If you liked this, please let me know, I would appreciate your comment. The colours are much brighter in real life than in these pictures. I should have snapped them in sunshine


  1. I adore your bag - it's really really cool! I saw the book below too, I will check it out. Thanks! And good luck with the blogging! :-)

  2. Hanna, thank you for the comment, I'm quite sure you would have loved the book. And thanks for the good luck wishes too,I really need it.
    I'm not used to all this technical stuff, but one step at the time.....