Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Her name was a big surprise. no.2

We had kinda quarrel today, she has told me her name several times. I've been telling her just as many times that it won't work.
The name she keeps insisting on, is a shortcut of a boys name and that's impropriate. She was tramping her feet and insisted I was wrong.

She was tramping her feet.

I let the subject go and did some housekeeping instead. While working I thought of the Internet. Perhaps I could find her a cute name there.
But listen to what I found out.
The name she has insisted on keeping for a couple days now, turned out to be a japanese unisex name. I WAS VERY SURPRISED.
So from this day on she is named MICHI.

She was all smiles.

Michi means "pathway" as far as I can see, and in my language (norwegian) it could very well express a person who goes her very own way. And she certainly is.
Well, when I told her my findings, and offered her my sincere apologies, she was all smiles. And I, am wondering where the pathway will bring us.......

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