Sunday, April 28, 2013

Digiart is fun.


Have you tried altering your own art? 

I've made a folder on the computer, called facebook. It contains alot of old painted/drawn faces which I have worked on in picasa. Even the least appreciated paintings can be successful with some digital work.  A fast done sketch, meant to warm up the drawing hand can be one of the best at the end. The "real" artists don't appreciate this kind of work I've been told, because it's possible for anyone to do it. Well, I don't agree, first thing is that it's a painting/drawing of my own, next thing is that I don't think anyone could do excactly the same as I do. Something similar, but not excact.
The painting below is one of my favs, because of the colors and the way the light surrounds her head. The original work can be seen here. What do you think? Blues, greens and turquoise are so beautiful together, they are classic combos.

The next face is one I didn't like at all (original work) but with some digi-work it has become one of the better ones. Anyone who remember this one? It's very interesting to work in picasa, it's almost like searching for pearls.

The original work can be seen here.

It's Sandra weekend and we have been redoing her room. It was time to change from child to youth. All the childish stuff put away and in came a make-up table. Mostly it's about feelings, to feel like a youth instead of a child. Well, you know...........

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. These look great! I love blues, greens, and of my favorite color combos.

    Have fun with Sandra.

  2. I like them both, great colours, I remember those days with my daughter, how she told me, it was time to get rid of all her kid stuff, because she was not a kid anymore

  3. I like using Picasa too - once you get started it's hard to stop!