Thursday, April 25, 2013

St.Marks Day, April 25th.

Norwegian : Markusmesse, also called Den store gangdagen - A procession, with the priest in front, went around the fields and blessed them for coming season.

Catholic :
In remembrance of Mark the Evangelist. Martyred during Neros persecutions.

Old traditions :
This day the wild birds should have two eggs in their nests.
It was tradition to eat eggs this day.

Engraved signs :
Ears of corn with a sircle around, to symbolize the procession.
Quill, to symbolize Mark the Evangelist.
Branch with leaf, to symbolize the power of nature.
These are some marks which have been used.

The sign ingraved in my stick is the branch with leaf.

 Primstaven with the first three signs.

As I read the sign it has a cross on top, and therefore I implyed that in my piece as well. The one green leaf is such a great symbol of life I think.

My own handmade stamp used here.


  1. Handmade stamps are the best...and yours is so personal. Great job.

  2. love your homemade stamp, and you art looks amazing, love the colours,