Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finally done.



I'm so happy to report the first floor is now all washed.

It took it's time, and as Janet commented, it's hard to know when to stop. There's always new things to take on and the job seems endless. I've always thought of myself to be a good everyday cleaner, but now after this round I have my doubts. Where does it all come from? We're only two adult people living here, it's hard to believe that we are the source of all the dirt.
I want to show you a chandelier we have here. It's made some time in the early 1950's My uncle was a very skilled and known woodcarver and he made this one. The lampshade below he made out of paper which is now very fragile. It even had some damages that I fixed using matte medium and adding a thin sheet of paper on the back.
When I grew up, woodcarved items appeared in each house belonging to family members, that's the reason I've never been attracted to woodcarvings. The candelier was left in the house when we bought it, and we chose to keep it because my uncle made it. At a certain point I might give it to one of his children, which I think would love having it.
Have a look at the lampshade, do you see the texture on the dark papers? Isn't that the same as we try making today?  Every other paper has tulips painted onto them, and the tulips are truly beautiful yet simple.  

The chandelier hangs in our  hallway and it suits well together with all the doors and the staircase leading to the second floor. The wood has a much warmer glow than shown in the photo below. The whole thing is a great dustcatcher, and we have to disassemble it each time it needs to be cleaned.

Second floor reminds, but I'm not sure I'll take on that job right now. My arms and hands feels like they have been battleing a whole year at least. I intend to buy myself a steamwasher before I start upstairs. The bathroom is all tiles and a steamwasher could be useful there.
I do hope you've had a bit more creative days than I have. But, hooray it.s done!


  1. good for you, doesnt it feel good to have completed that huge task,

  2. Hi Laila, I must admit I hate cleaning and ironing is even worse. I'm lucky I have help twice a week, so it isn't too bad. The light is so interesting, it is really rather beautiful and grand.