Tuesday, April 16, 2013

St. Magnus' Day April 16th.

In Norwegian, Magnusmesse.

Catholic :
In memory of Magnus Orkney Earl's death in 1115/1116, the experts disagree when it comes to the exact year. A Cathedral were build, St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, to his memory.

Old traditions :
This day is also called Third day of summer.
Time to start working the fields.

Engraved sign :
Ax, arrow, hoe, cross, half cross
Because it was time to start working the fields, people saw the cross/halfcross as a hoe.

The sign engraved in my stick is an arrow with a cross.

Below is how I made it. Magnus had his own flag in red and yellow, but I chose to use these colors.

Another one of my handmade stamps used here.

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