Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cuckoo mass, May 1st.

In Norwegian:

In remembrance of St. Philip and St. Jacob

Old traditions: 
It's important to notice from which direction one can hear the cuckoo the first time in spring.
North: meant one would be sick or die within the year.
South: meant one would sow in dry weather and have a rich harvest.
West: meant everything would be according to ones wishes.
East: meant one would be successful in love.

If one could sit under a tree with a singing cuckoo one would have three wishes come true, I don't know how many times I tried that as a child. Never successful though.
Where I live it is said that cuckoo mass brings the summer. As children we always had to wait till after May 1st. before we were allowed to go barefooted. 
The Norwegian name, Gaukmesse, probably has it's origin from the first summer month in pagan times which was called gauk mànadr.

Engraved signs:
A cuckoo or a dubble cross.
In my stick the sign is a cuckoo in top of a tree.

I made this piece using a handmade stamp and then painted it. Later on I did manipulate the piece in picasa and am very pleased with the result. I have been searching for this kind of result for a long time and finally I'm able to do it. It's just so satisfying. 

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  1. its great, and also the color is beautiful, I love those colors together