Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some small stuff


I have made some small stuff,

sort of paint blobs.  I'm not especially good at making these, but it's fun working with.  Today life is back on track again and that's good. We've had a nice Easter in every possible way, but ordinary days are most welcome around here. I hope you've had some good days too.
This next painting started as a blob and ended looking like our coat of arms. Not at all planned but that is what it became. Looking at it now, I see I should have made something to let it rest it's foot onto.
I don't know what the next one is, perhaps you do? It's much fun to make some splatters and see how they turn out.
The frosen bird was a bit more planned. We normally have a rich birdlife in our garden, but at a certain point I noticed it was not as usual. Some weeks ago I heard in the radio that the sparrows has disappeared, and that's what has happened in our garden too. I don't know what has happened to them but I hope they've flewn to warmer areas. We've had a long, cold and dry winter so they probably couldn't  find food and water. In fact, this last month has been so dry that the surface is crackling just like in desert areas.

Saturday night we turned the clock one hour ahead again. Summertime, it's called. When I still had a day job I called it problem time. I wasn't good at adapting the overnight change of time, now it doesn't matter. There are no clocks governing my life any more. That feels gooood!
Do you change time where you live?


  1. wow, love your new page and look... great art so much to look at such eye candy with love xxx

  2. some great art here, loving the fun birds

  3. Yes, we changed the time on March 10th. It's called Daylight Savings Time here and it always throws me off for a while. I don't pay much attention to clocks anymore either.

    Love the bird!