Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time to break the fear.

This week is for painting on real canvases.


I have never been able to understand it when people talked about their fear of a white canvas. I even hold it for credible that I might have made the pf f f f ft sound and called it silly.
My imagination is well developed but I could not imagine fear connected to a white canvas. That was for chickens only.
I assure you, all of this was before I met a white canvas myself. I'm a chicken and I promise to never make that pfffft sound again, ever!!

With all that said, I have made a decision to break that fear. The next days I will paint on canvas untill Mister Fear has left this home. It feels a bit crowded with him staying here.

My first canvas measures 50 x 60 cms. I start by filling it with paint in different colours. During the process I start wondering if I could make a waterfall. I give it a try, and yes, I could. Perhaps not the most credible waterfall you've seen but it is a waterfall. I continue to make different shapes as they appears in my head and after some time I called it done.

This is how it looked....

and it changed to this....

and this...

and ended up like this.

Now I'll put it aside for awhile. I'm thinking of doing some more to the front space but don't know what. It isn't for anything so I might paint another one on top.
But, it's not bad at all even though it's not excactly a Michelangelo. Best of all, I forgot to think about the fear. Perhaps he's already gone. My next  try will show.

Life is good to me, I hope it's good to you too!


  1. I think you have really overcome the "white canvas fear" and had a lot of fun with this painting. I´m curious, how it will develop further.

  2. Whatever the truth maybe - you are full of fun. Experimenting and playing - I don't think you have too much fear.

  3. You have a lovely blog -all bright and cheerful

  4. I like seeing all the different stages your canvas went through and I think you must have overcome your fear. It's such fun to "watch" your progress through each project.