Monday, June 4, 2012

Falling apart.

After finishing my third doll painting last evening

 I wondered what to create coming week. I sat down to read some posts in google reader and Quinn Creative's was one of them. Her post is called: It's Not Creative if it's Disruptive. And BOY did she light a spark in me. Blogland is a fantastic place to find inspiration. She didn't write about falling apart but, on it's way from her, through my brains and onto the paper, this is what happened.

I sat down at my desk promptly and made a very quick face. This simple face will be the main element in all my work this week. When this was painted, it was time to find the bed.

I rose early this morning with my head filled with even more ideas. First thing was to make some copys of the face and I downsized them a bit.

With my new colours I made a background using some summerly ( is that a word ?) shades.  Cutting the face and placing it before the final touches.

VOILA....... Falling Apart is done.

I had to "frame" it to calm it down a bit. I'm very pleased with the result of this day. Tomorrow I will make another one.

My selfportrait promise is broken, it's so hard to draw my own face. Another time perhaps. But this week I'll have sooooo much fun. Now I'm off to say thank you to Quinn.

Have a creative week you too!!


  1. Spennende, må prøve det en gang. Eksamen i morgen, leser og tenker på hva jeg skal si.

    Var du innom Tou, vist ikke har Monica tatt noen bilder.

    See Y:)

  2. very cool, Laila. I have to try something like that, too.

  3. You're always thinking of new and different ways to make art. I really like this idea and might have to try it myself.