Friday, June 29, 2012

I wonder.......

Yesterday I was making a cake to our sons Birthday and I started wondering, isn't there any way of using the eggshells?
 Now, I think they can be used in artwork.

 I peeled off the thin layer inside the shells while they were still  wet. If one can't do it right away it probably would work to put them into water untill one has time. That was pretty easy. Then I " washed " them and let them dry completely before use.

I coloured them using my twinks and let them dry well. On my paper I painted a background with WS crayons. On top of the background I used Matte medium to glue the shells down. When all was dry I added Clear Tar Gel on top of the shells and the result is the one abowe. This was just a try to see if the shells could be used. Next time I will plan a bit in beforehand.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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