Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday Sketching

My kitchen table didn't show anything interesting, so I have chosen to sketch a part of my kitchen instead.
What you see is where I cook our food, baking cakes and so forth. The house we live in is a hundred year old beauty, which we've restored. We've kept the intire house as close to the origin as possible. We did find some original kitchen parts, but they couldn't be of any use. 
As you see below, or actually you won't be able to see it, I have chosen to hide the ventilator behind a tiny curtain. At first I frightened it would be very fatty in a short while, but it works fine. 

My kitchen is a very small one, but we have all we need, and all the modern equipment have been embedded. 

Even though each room is quite small, it doesn't feel that way because of very high celings. All over the house we have lots of beautiful details, the carpenters, back then, worked in a completely different way than today.

Well, that's all I had for you today, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Gorgeous sketch of your kitchen Laila. I can see your beautiful old house in my imagination. Thanks for playing along with Friday Sketches. xx

  2. Good Morning Laila and what a beautiful kitchen to wake up to. I love the reds and whites - bright colors in the kitchen make it all the more fun to cook & bake in. You are very good at detail and perspective - I'm still working on it :) Thank you for sharing! Con-

  3. Yours is a nice kitchen, I like the red color. It' such an important room in the house, don't you think? I love that you live in an older house, they have so much more character than the modern ones. Our house is almost 60 years old which is "older" for here - which, of course, always makes me laugh!

  4. beautifully done! I love the traditional kitchen.