Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Towards the ending of class.

I am about to end my class,

just a couple of exercises left. What I've been learning is unbelievable. A year ago I would never have thought I ever could do a piece like this. In fact I would've been willing to bet that it was never going to happen.
Dion Dior was my teacher, and what she knows and willingly are sharing in these classes is much more than one could expect after paying a low price for each of the two classes. The fact that she were present, guiding and sheering, during the whole periode is another strong and important element if you concider taking these classes.
My fellow students were teriffic too, we shared,  discussed, advised and commented on each others work. Many of the students were very skilled and willingly shared of their knowledge too.

I were completely unfamiliar with watecolor painting before I started these classes. I had used them as a child, and tried them a bit lately, but I didn't know anything of techniques and how to. Now, I do.
It's up to me now to keep practicing, to gain some experience and become more secure in my painting. I highly recommend Dions classes, she's really skilled and know how to teach.

When I did this piece I drew the lilies and covered them up with masking fluid before I started the background. The "yellow" leaves were drawn in before another layer of paint. I did this many times, a layer of paint, drew in new leaves.

In the end I painted the lilies.It's quite some work to do a piece like this one, I used at least two full days to paint it.

When everything was dry, I added some minor details using my watercolor pencils. Looking at it now, it's sitting on my shelf, I can't believe I did it.
It's beautiful, it looks like it's made of a professional artist and it has some kind of excitement to it. And I did it, Yay! I'm quite proud and I'll frame it.

Thanks for popping in, I hope you've enjoyed your visit.


  1. Wow no wonder you're thrilled Laila...it's stunning,
    Dion Dior is brilliant and I love her work. So much amazing talent ;D
    Enjoy your painting and have a great week

  2. wow what wonderful work, and it looks like a professional artist did it, she did