Friday, March 14, 2014

Well, not quite a street view.

It's Friday sketching again,

although I've been sketching all week. I have chosen to show you a sketch of my highly treasured horse. I found him in a second hand store and couldn't love him more, even if it was a gift from someone I knew. As a matter of fact I think he's a donkey, but I call him a horse.

He sits on the table in our hallway, and each time I pass him (several times a day) I can't help smiling. He seems so happy to rest on the shelf under the table. He's made of ceramics and has a smooth surface. I used twinkling H2o's to paint him.

I'm a newbie to sketching, and it truly amazes me that I can achieve fairly good results. It must be the fruits of all my art making during the last three years, and from all the useful stuff I've learnt from Dion Dior during Twinks 1 and 2. So, thank you Dion I'm sure I couldn't have chosen a better teacher. I so much enjoy this new found way of making art, and if my sketches are not that good, much can be done during the painting process.

The next photo shows my stretched horse, I can't do anything but laugh and you're allowed to laugh too. I'm not used to draw/sketch one subject over a spread like this and that confused me. All the same, I like the horse as is.

I have told myself to let go of all expectations, let it be what it is and be happy. It's not always easy to keep that in mind, but I'm trying. I hope you'll be patient with me, and I promise to do my very best. Also,  remember I'm a Norwegian and English isn't my main language, so please, bear over with me if I don't write/express it all correctly.

I forgot to put in some shadows, but it doesn't matter. In fact, I like the look of him flying over my spread, looking like a happy free horse.
Well, that's about it, I hope you're leaving with a huge smile on your face, it helps the mood and my horse has done a little magic for you too.

Thank you for popping in and if you left a comment, thanks for that too. I love to read what you have to say and each comment is much appreciated.
I'm looking forward seeing what the rest of you have been sketching too.

Be sure to make this weekend good for yourself and those around you.


  1. Laila, I love your horse, he so cute. Your sketch is beautiful and your colors are glorious. Thank you for playing along with Friday Sketches. Hugs xx

  2. Hi Laila,

    Wow - your horse (donkey) is BEAUTIFUL! I can see why he makes you smile every time you walk past him :) Dion is right about the colors you used - they are glorious! Keep up the great work - I look forward to Fridays for a whole new reason now! Have a blessed Friday! Con-

  3. Laila - I love your Friday Sketch! You are so creative! I like how you've set your horse off with the purple background - perfect to make the blue pop off the page! See you on Twinks2 this week! :-)

  4. Wow Laila. I'm impressed how great a job you did as a newbie. I can't do that good at all. lol. I love your horse/donkey, and I agree that he looks very happy. Great job. By the way, you're expressing yourself very well also......Linda E.