Friday, March 7, 2014

Practicing sketching.

When sketching,

I always use pencil and eraser, and the eraser normally is more in use than I like. Now I've desided to practice sketching using black pen only. I guess it's a matter of practice until my subjects become good enough to share.

My first try was a scary one, but surprisingly went well. I sketched one of my favorite coffee mugs. A cup has easy lines and isn't too hard to do, so I had a certain guarantee to have success. ( win win situation) But, I did never expect to achieve a result like the one I actually achieved, and that gave me the needed amount of courage to continue.
Here is my mug and a couple of sugar cubes. Normally when I sketch all the lines becomes wonky and the whole subject is out of porpotion. This time I'm happy with my result, and want to try more. I used Twinks to paint.

Just for fun I'll share a photo taken using the flash light. The twinks really shows off here, and my mug seems to be made of aluminum foil, don't you think? It's the same painting in both photos, daylight and flash light.

This looser way of doing it saves time and gives just as good results as the sketching I normally do. How do you do it?
Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. love the sketch you did a great job, I only use pen now when I sketch and if I make a mistake , its stays,and somehow I incorporate it in the design