Sunday, April 6, 2014

Playing with ink

I was playing with ink the other day.

My sketch book has become a great place to play and test new things. Subjects I want to make a larger piece of are often first tried in my sketch book. This particular day, I was testing ink and how it would turn out if I let it bleed with spraying water onto the lines before painting anything.

As you see abowe, the ink spread out too much with spraying, so I changed my method by using a brush dipped in water instead. I liked that much better, since I had a bit more control with the bleeds. It was fun doing, and I will definitely do this more. The ink I used was water resistant,(?!) but that is when dry. I manipulated the ink when still wet.

I've learnt a whole lot about shading during the class I just finished, and I want to try more ways to use that knowledge. There is also a lot more I want to practice more, so my days will be filled to the brim of fun. My three roses in a vase are not excactly a masterpiece, but they served the purpos.

Because of the angles when photographing, the ink seems to be blue. It's black though. Do you have a sketch book? Why don't you join the Friday Sketching challenge Dion Dior hosts every Friday? It's much fun and one can link up the work every day during the week. There are no rules except your sketch has to be in a sketch book. Each Friday Dion announces a theme for coming weeks sketch, but we can do our own choices. It's easy to link up your work, just by copying your post address and add it in.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!


  1. Super smukt!
    Jeg kan virkelig godt lide den måde, som ink'en er løbet på - det ser hamrebde godt ud!
    Tak for linket til udfordringen - den vil jeg straks kigge nærmere på.

  2. Beautiful, Laila...I like the look of black outlines and vivid colors.

  3. beautiful flowers and I like your scissors sketch too