Friday, May 3, 2013

Cross Mass Spring, May 3rd.

In Norwegian:
In remembrance of  Empress Helena finding the Holy cross. She was the mother of Emperor Constantin.
Old traditions:
Now all gates were to be closed and all fences repaired so the animals could be let out and be safe. It  also was time to cut the sheeps wool.
Engraved signs:
Cross, sissors.
In my stick there is a cross.
Normally this should be a cross only, but I couldn't help making the "aura" of a person. It's meant to be an empty space, a suggestion of someone once being there. That is such a well known image and with a cross like mine alot of people would have this image in mind after all. Once again I'm very pleased with the result. This one was made from a hand drawn and hand painted piece, no stamps used here.

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  1. such a thought provoking work of art, I really love this one