Monday, July 2, 2012

The final result.

Today I'll be out shopping some more frames. I've been making more eggshell paintings and they need frames. I buy them at Ikea. Perhaps I'll look for inks too.
Last evening I thought of painting cats. We have all these cats visiting our garden. There is the Opera cat, the shabby one and a beautiful grey and white one. They are hunting the birds which are swimming in a big bowl I have given them for that purpose. I don't like it at all, the cats hunting the birds, but it's their nature.

I just wanted to show you the final result of my painting today. The frame was made by Handyman and I'm very pleased. Now the painting hangs on my sons wall and he was pleased too.

I wasn't aware that the background became so much alike the colour of the frame but it works well. When I called it done I hurried to varnish the painting to avoid temptation to fix even more. I miss it on my wall so I started a new one the other day. Not sure I can do another one, but I'll try. That will be for me though.

Now I'm off together with a friend to spend the day out. Have a nice day you too!

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