Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The last ones.

I promised to be back with a photo of my last peonys.

 Here they are. The first one is a simple but beautiful one. I was told it's called Sara Bernhard but I'm not sure.

This is Bowl of beauty. It's so beautiful that I could stay awake the whole night just to admire it as long as it lasts.

 I usually pick a big amount of flowers to give to a person. This year the person was MEEEEE. Peonys are such lovely flowers, but they don't last long. Now I'll enjoy my bunch the rest of the day. A friend is coming for a visit so we'll catch up.


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  1. I have also peonies in my garden and love them very much. Oh, and I can see a crocheted stone on the last picture. So beautiful.