Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little morning play.

I had to try my new things from yesterday,

so I've been playing a little this morning.
Of course no one had white ink in stock. I can't understand why. Luckily they offered to get me a bottle. The black ink dries up to be waterproof and that's a must when I'm using ws crayons. The mandala below is made without any guidelines. It was made because I wanted to try the ink. I bought a tiny tiny tiny nib too. Very good in use and I already feel it will become a favourite tool.

Below is another thing I made. It became a flower and I cut it out and glued it onto one of my book covers.  Nothing special but a good test and a good way to become familiar to the new tool.

Today I'll pay my mother a visit.

Enjoy your day too!

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  1. I am going through all of your posts that I had missed. I thought I'd commented on this one, because I remember these gorgeous pictures. Maybe I'd meant to comment and ran out of time, that happens a lot lately. These are really beautiful.
    How have you been? I have been hoping to see what you're up to and haven't had much time to hop around and visit blogs. It looks like you are growing many beautiful flowers and plants in your yard. It's so nice to be outside. It makes it hard to get everything done too. :)
    Hope all is well! Have a beautiful week.