Sunday, May 6, 2012


Some days ago I finally found a real art supply shop.

And to my surprise they are loaded with goodies. This first time I only bought some new brushes, and a couple of new acrylic colours. The shopowner told me that soon they were going to arrange a Golden presentation and I signed up at once. Can't wait to learn more about their superb products. For example, I didn't know that all Golden products were able to open when dry. Did you know that? When the paint is dry it's possible to undo that, right on your canvas. WOW!
When I was babysitting as a child one of the familys had this huge Russian doll. It held 20 or 24 dolls. I always admired that doll and decided to, if I ever got the chance, collect them myself.
The one on the photo my mother gave me. It's small but holds 10 dolls. I do have a few more, but when it first became a real collecting object I lost my interest. When abroad I always visits markets to see if I can find some old ones. Many many years ago I found one but didn't buy it and that has been irritating me since. I don't know why I didn't buy it but probably because of economic reasons. We had just built our house and didn't have that much money to spend.
As I remember that doll it was all black and decorated with warm reds, greens, and gold. UGH!!

Yesterday I had to pause from my trading project and went for rearranging my Russian dolls. Later I got the idea to make my own doll and below is the result of that. Except from the face this one is painted using twinks. She is made on one of my book covers.

 Here she is done. I'll probably go for another one and make her a bit larger and develop the design a bit more. This first one reminds me a bit of Greenland, because of the design around her shoulders. While knitting, this kind of design are always refered to as a Greenland design. The Inuits have similar designs to their traditional clothes.

Well that's my little Sunday update. Right now the sun are shining but a little while ago it was hailing. Still a bit cold.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. beautiful dolls, I have never heard of one with 20 dolls wow,thats amazing!

  2. I like your twinks painting of the doll. (I've been busy and am just now catching up on a few blogs.)