Monday, April 2, 2012

Put a little effort in.

Art journaling.

I had forgotten how to use my journal and had problems with what to do. Right after the last mandala I continued to work in my journal and found my way back.
This face isn't the best I've done but luckily it doesn't matter. I'm not really an angel person but for some reason this one ended as an angel.

 I'm pleased with how the background came out, I really did alot to achive that result.
Isn't it a bit of a paradox that I'm using an old book, gessoing over the text and then glue in patches of texted paper. It wouldn't be the same though to use the existing text
I think I will use a little time figuring out different headlines to work after. It would be fun to try having a goal. As it is now what happens happen, and it feels a bit aimless.

Another thing I've been thinking of today is, what is it about faces? Why is it so fun to make them? Have you ever thought of that? I've not found the answer yet, but it has to be something that make me want to do that.
Do you know what makes you draw/paint faces?

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