Monday, April 23, 2012

Do you often see shapes?

This winter I have seen a shape on my frontdoor step each time I went out.

 This morning I took my camera outside to photograph a bit in my garden and at the same time I remembered to photograph the shape on my frontdoor step.

 Spring is here alright. I love these yellow "lights"

 And some pink too.

More yellow, but these are nearly gone now.

These pale yellow tiny flowers are my absolute favorites. They grew wild below the mountain in my childhood.

These blue balls are a sight too.

These were never amongst my favorites, mostly because they tend to show up everywhere. But with a closeup they are beautiful.

Here is the shape I've been seeing all winter. Can you see it?

And here is what I did to it this morning. I used some crayons and added some colour. Isn't this a nice bird? You should have seen my bathroom floor. New shapes every day, but I don't colour them.

Have a wonderful week !!


  1. What pretty flowers you have. I like the little blue ones...they don't show up anywhere around here!

    I see the bird but I also see a man with a tricorn hat. It's always fun to "see" things in wood or other surfaces.

  2. Yes, the bird is nice. I too tend to see figurines, especially humans, in random patterns. Wood, coffee, flooring and clouds.