Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.

Easter, lots of painting, biking with my friend, a birthday to celebrate and Sandras project.

This has been kind of busy. I have been painting a lot lately and it seems I've started my own version of facebook. (painting faces) It's so much fun and I've seen some youtube films and tried some new things too.
The weather has been excellent lately, frost at nights and bright sunny days.

Sandras project this weekend has been to make her personal project book in which she will describe how she is doing all her different projects. I had to help her of course, but the writing and decorating she is doing herself.

 At the front cover she has added the logo of the organisation she is a member of and which this whole project is organiced within. When the book was done she was very proud and wanted to start writing in it at once. As you probably remember her first try was to make a friendship bracelet. That whole process is now well documented and today she will write about making her book.
I showed her a tecnique to use in her art journal and she loved it, so she has been journaling too.

My journal holds two new faces too. The first one I made I tried to make a face with my own twist and I like it. These downpointing eyes suited me well and the rest was not planned at all. The next became an odd person too but I like her too. The text made me laugh, I didn't plan it but these two seem to be quite opposite of each other. I'm not frightend of hights. I guess it was the high house that made me choose that word. I used acrylics and soluble crayons. The other one is made with crayons only. I was thinking of a thin layer (with lots of water) on top of her to make it look more like a bubble, but I'm afraid of smearing it into a mess. Perhaps I'll try to spray it on.

A birthday to celebrate.
My youngest brother turned 50 this week and we had to pay him a visit. My siblings and I bought him a present and in addition to that I had to make him a bird.
My brother is a dedicated musician and he plays a cornet. Every May 17. he marches in front of the parades playing his cornet,
The bird I made for him of course had to be a cornet tail.

 I suggested to him to use the bird as a mascot hanging on his cornet which created a huge laughter from some of his musician friends.

I hope you have a lovely time as well.

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  1. You have been busy! I like the two pages with the different faces. It's fun to play in an art journal and it's a good place to experiment.

    The bird for your brother is so cute. I'm sure he likes it.