Thursday, April 12, 2012

Canvas girl.

Thanks to Janet I made my first canvas girl.

Janet left me a comment on how she prefered to work on canvas and I tried it too. Yes yes yes- it's much easier to do it this way. It was so fun and not stressful at all. So, for now that's the way I'm going to do it.
Thanks alot Janet for sharing some of your magic!!
What I used this time was a canvas board, I covered it with old bookpages, torn into patches, and glued them onto the board.
Next thing I did was to draw my image and start painting. The hair is done by using an old napkin ( black, grey and white) and then colour it.
Anyone who remembers the hairstyle from the 60's??
I will put her aside for some time and take her back to change the background. I'm not pleased with how it turned out.
It seems to be impossible to make two similar eyes, each time I make a face I struggle with that. I don't have two similar eyes too so perhaps that's the way it shall be.
When it comes to photographing I normally just do it, and this time it led me to three different images. The one below is what I normally would use in my posts, but this time I wish to show you another two.

The photo below is not a "good" one, but look at how soft it all looks here

The last one is taken using a flash lamp. It's overexposed but look at her eyes! Almost a surprise they didn't turn red.

That's all I had to share today, I wish you all the best.


  1. She looks great! I'm glad you like the book page idea. I find I like the way paint goes on with paper rather than with plain canvas.

    You asked about my stenciled background: first I used a 12" x 12" stencil over the background. I went over it to tone it down so it just left a hint of design. For the hair I used parts of the same stencil with darker paint. I hope that helps.

    PS - yes I remember the hair styles from the 60's!!

  2. She's so beautiful! Your able to be so multi talented!