Sunday, February 5, 2012

A fun weekend.

What a fun weekend we had this time.
I knew Sandra would love the twinks, and she certainly did. She was allowed to use them in her journal and in some other paintings she did.

Now that she has turned 9 years old she has become a member in an organication called 4H. The 4 H's stands for: Head, Heart, Hands and Healt. There the children/youths learn a lot of different things. Sandra is conciderd a trainee this first year, and I have been asked to guide her in her tasks. She has chosen to work within an aera called Form and Imagination. This weekend we made some suggestiones to what things she want to make. She will bind some friendship bracelets, decorate a schrine, make her own workbook in which she will document the processes of all her making, make the paper to use in her workbook, make a multimedia painting. And in the end she'll have to plan and make a poster to hang over her exhibition in mid October. In addition we thought that recycling could be our main goal during all her making.
I think this will be a great year for Sandra and she will learn a whole lot of new things. She is looking forward to start all this and so am I. We've made an agreement that if we have to buy anything I'll pay the bill and in return she has to help out in the house doing specific tasks.

It was so fun to see her paint this weekend, so determined what to draw and paint. I actually think she has grown using her journal. Now she's much more secure in her choices and it seems she has taken onboard the fact that she is the one who is the creator. I'm really glad for this new security of hers.

 Abowe you can see her studying the result and wondering what to do next. And below a close up.

Her final result is another one of my favorites. Look at her lively expression, the colours used and the surroundings. She saw these figures on a candybag, very small ones, and decided to do them in her journal. I'm very impressed the way she transformed them to be her own creation.

I didn't paint much though, I've been busy knitting. I'm so happy to report that my February trade is ongoing right now. I'm knitting a shawl for my trading friend. My goodies will be a painting, can't wait to see it in person.

Take care everyone and stay creative!!


  1. How wonderful that you help Sandra and that she is already doing a journal. I'm sure she will treasure that in years to come. The stuff she's planned to do for 4H sounds really fun too.

  2. I can see that you have such fun with Sandra - what a wonderful relationship the two of you have.

  3. One talented young lady! Great painting and love the characters :)

  4. Thank you Laila, for letting me know about the Etsy link. Would it be ok if you check it now to see if it works. I've placed a link on the painting and underneath. Thank you :) Julie

  5. Thank you laila, so much :O) Julie...P.s Parcelled you angel today, Mark can take to work post tomorrow.
    She'll be flying soon, yeah!