Thursday, February 2, 2012

First experience with the "Twinks"

First step done.

Have you ever thought of how nice it can be to not know the process you are going to try?

This question came to me last night when I was going to try my new colours. Not knowing make me able to do" mistakes" that can lead to good results. Not that I did yesterday, but in general.

I decide to do some colour samples and used the leftovers to show the colour on the pots. The process of making the samples was an interesting one. I got to know about each colour, and they behave differently. Some of them are quite oily others more watery despite the fact that I used the same amount of water. It's visible on the samples so I will always know what colours will behave one way or other.
I have not tried to blend them yet, that will be another experience. I will try to use them on top of my ordinary watercolours too, to see how that will work.

Another fun thing I saw was the water, in which I cleaned my brush, how sparkeling it became. I'm going to save the water and use it when I'm going to make my own paper. That could result in some interesting papers, don't you think?
Handyman made me 6 frames to that purpose some months ago, and now I'll have to try them. I have been saving my egg boxes with papermaking in mind.
Have anyone else tried to make paper? If so, any good advice?
Below you see the colour samples. I'm not quite sure how to store them, but right now I think I will just find a string to thread them onto. 

I really love all the bright colours, but I have often seen that the more earthy ones are the ones I use in my work. All the white shades ( right side) can be used to make a paler shade of the bright ones.

So far so good!
Take good care everyone!

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