Friday, February 3, 2012

A bit of this and that.

A stencil painting.
My very first attempt using the new colours. I used a stencil drawing to paint. One thing is for sure, the glittery stuff are dancing when I paint wet. Fun to see! In this first try I wanted to see how two colours would mix ( one on top of the other) and if I could manage to do it without leaving any visible watermarks. It went well and left me wanting to try even more. And I will for sure!
There is just so many things I want to try nowadays. I have my theme to work and develop a bit more, there is a tecknique I want to try and new ideas keep rolling.

How to photograph the twink-paintings
leaving a result where one can see it's something different? I tried several ways and think I found the best for me. The lense has to be almost the same hight as the motif, if I do it as "usual" one don't see the differens these colours creates. I think they will photograph well in a lovely sunny day.

Today we had to skip our training, the weather is so bad that my training friend couldn't leave job. The day-shift was unable to appear. Snowstorm! The traffic has been messed up all morning.
I have recovered from my " bad knees" but I'm still careful.
This photo was taken just a few minutes ago, the same tree as in the sunrise photo some days ago.

This weekend Sandra is coming, and I can't wait to show her my new colours. I know she will love them too.

Have a creative weekend! 


  1. The snow looks lovely. I love your new colours. Have a great weekend with Sandra.

  2. Hi Laila, thanks for visiting my blog. Your new colours are gorgeous. I love the shimmer.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hi Laila,
    Wow, I don't know how I have missed so many amazing posts. I had a chance just now to go back and look through your recent postings. Wow!! You've been busy and have received some very lovely art supplies! How truly delightful and fun. I always fill like a kid in a candy store, when I get to try out new art stuff. It makes me giddy! :D I wanted to tell you that I have your gorgeous pot holders hanging in my kitchen above my stove and they make it so cheery and bright. I will take a picture, so you can see. Thank you again!! :D Also, please tell Sandra thank you for me! I love her drawing and hope to get it hung up today! It's been a busier week than I'd planned, so I haven't had much time to blog hop and chat with people. I like your idea of sharing how to make marbled paper, so I will get the needed supplies and see if I can take pictures of the process to post on my blog. It is really fun to do and I know my kids will enjoy it. You definitely want to have a lot of paper, because it is so fun to do, that you want to make a million pages. haha!! I will get to work on that and hopefully post it this month. Also, I wanted to tell you that I love your gothic arches. Those are absolutely gorgeous. I too, work better with themes, I think it gives me a focus and direction. Well, I could keep blabbing on, but I suppose I should get up and get my day going. Have a wonderful weekend and a great time with Sandra. Hopefully you can stay warm and snuggly at home, creating beautiful papers. The leaves look gorgeous!! :)