Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watercolours are fun!!

I have been playing alot lately.

Since I'm writing this post you understand I did survive my training on Monday. :-) It was hard but easier than expected, I haven't been joging since I was 15 and that's a long time ago. Coming Thursday is next time, early in the morning. Later that day two of my friends are coming over and we are going to paint and make some art together. Looking forward to that.

Isn't it fun to work with watercolours? I've had some ideas that I wanted to try out but ended up just playing instead. The ideas have to wait until later. These are my watercolours. The brand is Pelikan, and I really like this palette. One can mix alot of different shades with them and more or less water make different shades too.

I tried out different things on this one. It's always such excitement to see if the skyline/horizon looks like it could be true, and yes, not bad.

The element of flowers I used as a fill in. And I wanted to practice shading. I did paint the shadows at first but in the end I did them over again with one of my pens. I wasn't planning to, it just happened before I became aware of it. :-(

What are you doing? I have to prepare something for Thursday tomorrow, one of my friends is new to this and I think she would like to try some art journaling.
It's so irritating, I was at LuminArte home page to have a read about their colours. A phonecall made me shut down the page and at the next entry they didn't have anything in stock longer. Arrrrrr...

Well, I'll have to try again tomorrow, perhaps they are updating their site.
That's all for now, have a good time and take care everyone.


  1. I love using water colours to finish off my paintings - it just adds subtle little bits of colour.

  2. Laila, I love the watercolors. I haven't tried any like that, but the colors are bright, vibrant and beautiful. It looks like you've got it down. I am still working on a painting and my sketchbook, which I need to finish soon. But I'm almost there. I'd love to start adding in new types of tools. I love to see what everyone is using. So many great art supplies out there. Have a lovely day with your friend tomorrow. Sounds like fun!! :)