Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make patterns and get peace.

Training ? Me?

Yesterday I had a phonecall from a good friend of mine, she was so caught up with a new year and new habits. Did I want to come along training, she had found a new GOOD trainingprogramme. We had been speaking of doing something for a while so I thought it would be reasonable to say yes.

Training, me??? It sounds like I'm telling myself a joke, but why not give it a try. We'll start with 4 weeks and then see. Could be something I enjoy doing...........
The programme tells that one in 4 weeks can reduce the size of our pants with 2 numbers. Easy to promise. Well, lets see. I'll keep you updated on the issue.

A new pattern.

This morning I made a new pattern. I love this kind of lines. I'm not sure that I like the white dots in the blue though. I very much like the "dry" expression of this one and am a bit unsure whether the white ruins that feeling a bit.

The differens between my two photos is a lightbulb. The one abowe is just like I see it in person, the one below is without the lightbulb close by.

The one above doe's not have any warmth in it, and the warmth makes the whole differens to me. I could easily have used this on one of my walls if I could find it as wallpaper.
Have you ever tried making patterns? It's so relaxing, peaceful.

First I did a colourwash with watercolour, then I drew the pattern and coloured it with my pens. The white on the leaves is done with water and a tiny bit of acrylics.

Have a nice day everyone, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like the white dots but then I'm a dot girl! Good luck with your training. I need to get busy and do something like that, too.

  2. I absolutely love this pattern. It would be great as a fabric or wallpaper or scrapbook paper. No matter what, it is very gorgeous. I like the white dots on the blue, it adds a lot to it.
    How fun to have a good training program to do with a friend. It's always more motivating to do that with someone else. Good luck!
    Have a great week.