Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have you ever worked on a theme?

I have been working on a theme lately.

I don't know where it came from but lately I've been working with the Gothic style arch kind of thing. In the city of Stavanger (which we speak of as the city) we have the old Cathedral. The oldest still standing Cathedral in Norway. It was built in the first half of year 1100. This Cathedral has some Gothic arches and windows. You can see some photos here. Sorry there is no english text but the photos are worth looking at.

It started out when I was making those cards. The first photo shows my first one and that is just a sketck.

When I had come this far I saw that this could be something to continue working on. I think I'm going to make several variationes of this, untill I can find excactly what I'm looking for. Then it's worth painting on canvas I think.
Below I've added some more colour, but I'm not sure whether to keep them in.

Well, I sat down with this new idea of mine and started drawing. What came out wasn't at all what I had in mind. I call it another sketch.

With this new sketch I wanted to try using my old fashioned penholder and nib. And that's what I did. I like the way the ink appears. Some places very dark and much lighter other places. And, I love the sound of the nib. That got me thinking of the times when all books was handwritten.

I'll continue this work and see how far it takes me. Today I've done some other painting but the ideas keeps on coming. That's a blessing.
Below my last sketch is done, it is quite fun to see how different things can appear from one idea.

That's what I'm going to work on next week.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

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